I’m currently a DevOps Engineer at Jama Software, part of a team owning all automation and CI/CD for the company, in addition to various other things. For context, Jama has almost, but not quite, a Type 7 topology.

I have varied interests in tech, including: DevOps strategy, serverless automation, Infrastructure as Code & Infrastructure as a (internal) Service, Linux administration, vintage Apple products, functional programming, and K8S at the edge. My favorite programming language is Rust, and I also am generally a fan of Python, Haskell, JavaScript/TypeScript, the Deno runtime, and Go. I am a hardcore vim and zsh fanatic as well. My full resume and skills list can be found here.

I am also deeply invested in justice and equity within tech, especially LGBTQ and gender equity, and I strive for a more perfect internet and a more perfect world, and I’m motivated to cultivate empathy, grace, good faith, and kindness in tech. Please feel free to connect with me, even if you just want to chat!

I am also a photographer and artist, and (sometimes) write fiction and non-fiction and play music as well. I am an avid cyclist, and mass transit advocate. I am also deeply interested in food, coffee, and tea, and food justice. I also sometimes do research in linguistics and philosophy, and have been known to play the odd video game or two.