Still Alive! Some Updates

Yes, I Am Still Alive And Haven’t Forgotten About My Website

I haven’t! I promise! It just turns out big ambitious blog series like FooBar and AoC are… a little too ambitious. At least have been at the past. I really do love writing, this blog is fun, but for the time being I am just going to stick with little one-off things I find time for. I’m working on building more time into my schedule for writing–and structuring my life more in general– so that I have time to do fun tech series, but the time I have set aside now is more focused on Camp NaNoWriMo, which I am of course desperately behind on. Speaking of which…

I’m Writing Fiction Again

It has been literally forever since I’ve wrote fiction in any meaningful way! And I am very happy to be doing so in a small capacity, in this case Camp NaNoWriMo as I mentioned above. If you are into fiction writing too, let’s be writing buddies! Contact me! I may eventually throw up some stuff on a different site that I am parking the domain for but we’ll see, I really haven’t decided how I want to curate that presence yet.

I Bought A Car

I never thought I would say that, but. Yep. I now am a car owner. Yuck. That said, I am quite happy with my purchase! I bought a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth, a convertible to cruise down the famously sunny streets of Portland, Oregon. Joking aside, it is an incredibly fun car that serves both the practical need of “my girlfriend and I increasingly run into situations where a second car would be useful” and the emotional need of “hey I did something I’m proud of and deserve something nice”. Speaking of which…

I Joined Box

Which is probably old news, considering I changed my resume, about page, and everything else a while ago. But yeah, I am a Boxer! Box has been very exciting and I am very lucky to have not only a personable team, but one deeply invested in engineering best practices and eliminating toil. I am very excited for what my career here holds and the lessons I’ll learn!

Upcoming Posts (Hopefully)

I am definitely planning on working on a now two-parter about Python’s EAFP maxim, the first part about what I have been calling bool mangling in Requests and the second about when LBYL is good, actually. I also am planning on writing on why technical documentation is a reliability practice and make a case for embedding technical writers in engineering teams not just for user documentation, but for technical documentation, too. No promises on a timeline for these, as usual.

I Am Very Into Specialty Coffee Now

Surprising absolutely no one!