I consider myself to be somewhere between a support engineer and an operations engineer. I'm interested in leveraging technology on both the customer-facing side and the organizational side to improve efficiency and give the best experience possible.

From Jan 2019 to June 2019 I was an Associate Support Engineer at Chrome River Technologies in Los Angeles, CA, an accounts payable SaaS company valued at over $1 billion (a unicorn).

First, I was on the EXPENSE - Higher Education team. We supported higher-ed clients using the EXPENSE and PRE-APPROVAL products, and their encumbrance integrations using Talend and Boomi. Additionally, I also was the SME for the EXPENSE-adjacent mobile app, CR SNAP, and one of the SMEs for EXPENSE email flows. I was then asked to move to the INVOICE product by the SVP in April, a high case-load, more specialized area, where I was once again an SME for emails, this time on the INVOICE side.

Day to day, I applied my end-to-end product knowledge to customer solutions, furthered automation of email batch troubleshooting by creating two stored mySQL procedures, supported internal documentation of additional mySQL procs, reviewed and troubleshooted almost all aspects of the technology stack using ELK and batch logs in coordination with other teams, managed data integrity for customer issues using SQL, and was a leader in customer satisfaction surveys.

I'm proud I was able to work with Alan Rich, co-founder and former CEO of Chrome River, whose leadership style and integrity I deeply appreciated and want to emulate in my own career. His emphasis on providing an excellent customer experience by having a stellar, world-class product made me excited about working there. I was also able to learn more deeply about what management styles work best for me, thanks to some great leaders.

I was laid off from Chrome River due to a reduction in force directed by new ownership.

From May 2018 to Jan 2019 I was a freelance IT Solutions Specialist, working in the Los Angeles, CA area. I served small-and-medium business clients adjacent to academia, meeting their needs in macOS and Linux issues. Additionally, I worked as a freelance photographer as well.

During this time I developed strong business philosophies and skills as owner/operator of two outfits in disparate industries, managed finances, advertising, and client scheduling for both of these businesses, deployed cloud web architecture for my personal brand, began development of spatial mapping location database utilizing a Nginx/PostgreSQL/Python stack on AWS, and as mentioned supported macOS and Linux devices for variety of clients, and consulted on their network solutions.

I learned two important things during this phase. First, I enjoy working with others on a team to solve technology problems– or at least having the opportunity to. Second, I enjoy acquiring useful knowledge on my own about all parts of the tech industry; you never know what clients will need until they tell you, and you should always be prepared.

I closed up shop to work at Chrome River, although I still do photography.

From Aug 2016 to May 2018 I was a Technical Support Representative Occidental College Information Technology Services in Los Angeles, CA, my alma mater. I worked part-time to full-time, during school and during breaks.

I was the shift lead and a key member of the front line, day-to-day operations of a 3000+ user enterprise environment. Because of my prowess and trustworthiness I was frequently assigned important tasks by higher-level support services and directors, such as providing VIP support for the Office of the Dean of the College. I was the architect, system administrator, and end-user support for a complete Linux-based digital signage system, automating setup, administration, and controls for the system. I contributed 9 knowledgebase articles for ITS staff and end-users on macOS troubleshooting and support, prepared 50 computer labs for the academic year, and resolved an average of 20 tickets daily. My day to day duties included: software and hardware installation and troubleshooting, reimaging, operating system upgrades, workflow optimization, and similar tasks, in addition to technical training, technical lead, and similar duties.

I am adept in SQL querying, reporting, and server administration (mainly mySQL and PostgreSQL implementations), scripting using both bash/sh and Python, general purpose Python programming, application & technical support, system & app performance monitoring (Nagios, New Relic APM, etc), technical writing, full stack web administration and design (LAMP/LNMP), CMSs (mainly Ghost and WordPress), networking, administration of multiple flavors of both Debian and Fedora Linux (Ubuntu, centOS), task scheduling, version control, and TeX. I have proficiencies in Ansible (stemming from my Python experience), LDAP/AD, virtualization, Altassian JIRA & Confluence, Java, Haskell, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, HTML/CSS, RESTful APIs, continuous integration and delivery, and data analysis using R and Python. Additionally I have a solid understanding of the SDLC and Agile methodology.

I have an A.B. (artium baccalaureus, Bachelor's degree) in Philosophy from Occidental College, in Los Angeles, CA. I worked mainly in philosophy of language, semantics, metaphilosophy, formal logic, and moral psychology. More about that side of things can be found here.

In my spare time I have my own home lab, building and managing both on-premise and cloud servers that host a variety of apps. I use SDN for the on-premise networks. I am also a photographer, as mentioned above, and write fiction and non-fiction as well. I am an avid cyclist, and mass transit advocate.